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Monday, January 30, 2006

Working from home is becoming an ever-rarer luxury for this Development Officer, but today was a great day to be out and about in Leith, the Port of Edinburgh and the place where I live. Having forgotten to take out my camera this morning when I was over at the sunny Ocean Terminal and home of the Royal Yacht Brittania, I have just been out again in an effort (unsuccessful) to get a haircut. This view is in my street, one of Bacchus, the Roman God of wine and intoxification.

What is he doing in a street in Leith?

Well, my street is full of the warehouses where the finest wines and whiskies were kept before going on to those who coud afford them (Mary Queen of Scots had her Bordeaux delivered to one such warehouse just round the corner - another day for that building). I live in an old whisky bond building - one can still smell the vapours sometimes, the angel's share of 2% liquid that evaporated from every barrel. This building opposite my flat, though, was a former wine warehouse, hence the old Bacchus being carved out of the window.


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