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Sunday, February 05, 2006

I couldn't resist another photo of Loch Fyne, taken at the back of Inveraray. The sky changes on a minute-by-minute basis making it really tricky to choose one photo over another, and even more difficult to catch the scale of the sky, the water and the hills that surround this sea loch. As I took this photo the oystercatchers (they're birds, not people) were rising vertically from the rocky beach allowing their mussels and oysters to crash to the ground before swooping back to see if they had managed to open up the shell for the flesh inside - not a bad breakfast. But too difficult for this photographer to capture - the RSPB have some oystercatcher video and audio here to help capture the scene.

You can see all the other Inveraray photos that didn't make it here on my ScottishDailyPhoto Flickr page.


At 4:05 PM, Blogger Dean Harvey said...

hi - I've started a daily photo from Brighton


I've placed a link to your site - if you like my website I'd love a link back as well.




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